Maybe you've heard others say that they "love their kids to death."  For those who have a loved one in addiction, though, we want to love them to life, not to death.  Our country has an epidemic of addiction to drugs and alcohol and more of us are seeing our children destroying their lives.  What can we do about it?

Love Them To Life exists to support, encourage, exhort, and cry with the those who have loved ones in addiction.  We understand the kind of pain you are going through and want you to know we are here with you. 

Our desire is to introduce you and your loved ones to our best friend, Jesus.  He is the reason we are able to get up in the morning and face the challenges and uncertainties associated with this addiction epidemic. He loves you and He loves your children.


who we are



Cherri grew up at America’s Keswick in Whiting, New Jersey and has been around addiction for her whole life. It wasn’t until 2 of her children went into addiction that she began to truly understand the emotions of a mother watching her kids destroy their lives. Cherri is a graduate of Wheaton College with a BS in Biology and taught school for many years. She is a certified Exchanged Life Counselor through Grace Fellowship International and wrote the book Beside Still Waters: Discovering Peace in the Midst of Your Child’s Addiction. Cherri and her husband Joe are in full-time ministry with Love Them To Life.



Joe grew up as the oldest of 9 boys in a family where his father was emotionally and physically abusive. This led to 38 years of addiction to drugs and alcohol. Joe’s life was transformed by Jesus Christ when he went to the Colony of Mercy at America’s Keswick. Joe graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and also studied at Luther Rice University in the Master’s of Biblical Counseling program. He is a certified Exchanged Life Counselor through Grace Fellowship International. Joe gives his testimony From Wreckage to Redemption frequently at churches and uses his gift of counseling with those struggling with addiction and with their families.