One of the worst feelings in the world for a mom is to find out that her son or daughter has become addicted to something that threatens to destroy the child's life.

We pray that this site will provide information and support for those of you whose hearts are aching as you watch your child struggle with addiction.

We know that pain.  We are there with you.  We are here for you.


the book

Beside Still Waters is a guide for mothers who have children in addiction.  It is a Bible-based curriculum that can be used by individuals or as a group.  In the book, we explore topics such as codependency, enabling, guilt and remorse, legal issues, fear, and more.

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We offer seminars to help churches and individuals deal with the epidemic of addiction to drugs and alcohol, including the one-day Set Free, where we deal with the problem of addiction, how it affects those who love the addict, and a presentation of the solution to addiction.

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