The Seminar

The "Set Free" Seminar

Set Free is our one-day seminar which targets the family and friends of those in addiction.  In the seminar, we talk about sin and idolatry as the root problems of addiction, and how addiction affects those who love the addict.  The seminar also surveys some of the common remedies offered for addiction, highlighting their various strengths and weaknesses.  Finally, we present the solution to addiction--the solution for both the addict and their loved ones--which is a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, the Bondage Breaker.


The Set Free seminar has been very helpful in presenting God’s answer for addiction. Through their life experience and insights as biblical counselors, Joe and Cherri Freeman give a practical overview of the characteristics of chemical and behavioral addiction and God’s ultimate solution of freedom in Christ. I heartily commend this seminar to churches that have a vision to reach out to their congregation and community.
— Dr. John Woodward, Director, Grace Fellowship International
Joe and Cherri Freeman speak with authority on the issue of addiction. They speak with authority as those who have known the horrors of addiction from the inside. But more importantly, they speak with the authority of Scripture as to the ultimate solution—the freedom and victory that can only be found in Christ.

I highly recommend their seminar. It not only opens the eyes of those who attend, but offers real hope to addicts and those who love them.
— Dr. Dave Ridder, Senior Pastor, Bayside Chapel
Joe and Cherri Freeman... ministered to our community through a seminar focusing on the problem of addiction and the biblical solution for the one struggling with drugs and alcohol. In the “Set Free” seminar, they educate and encourage the families and friends of those in addiction.

This seminar is informative, interesting, and accurate, both factually and biblically. I wholeheartedly endorse the ministry of Joe and Cherri and trust you will give them an opportunity to bless you.
— Steve Estes, Senior Pastor, West Davenport Free Baptist Church
Our small community sits just across the Ohio River from Huntington, West Virginia, which has become well-known due to the NetFlix documentary, “Heroin(e).” Huntington ranks number one statistically in the United States in deaths per capita from opioid abuse.

Joe & Cherri presented their “Set Free” seminar to our community, which has already led to a second local seminar... Hope is returning to our residents, and it doesn’t come from step-programs, sobriety disciplines, or merely replacing one drug with another; it comes from discovering the source of new life, Jesus Christ. Only Christ can rescue and free a person from the pit of despair.

Joe and Cherri present each side of the issue of addiction: Joe has recovered from his addiction, and Cherri is a parent who has dealt with addicted children of her own. Their seminar speaks to addicts who are seeking help and families who are attempting to cope as best as they can... Because their material is based completely in the Word of God and not in the wisdom of men, I encourage you to consider allowing Joe & Cherri to minister both to your members and as an outreach to your local community. God will be glorified as a result!
— Jeff Black, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Proctorville